"What's Coming" Wednesday

A preview of upcoming projects I'm working on - April 12th 2023

"What's Coming" Wednesday
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I’m humbled by the response so far to this little production. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday look like they’re going to be my posting days, which gives me four days to work on content. Based on some feedback, it looks like a manageable schedule for me will be as follows.

  • Monday- a long article that follows the central theme of this project, civic engagement, first aid, and CPR when it’s needed the most. This will be free and sent out hopefully in the morning as a scheduled post.
  • Tuesday- “Three Things for Tuesday,” a brief summary of three things I found interesting in the world of civic engagement, CPR, or the emergency services. Paid only in the morning, then eventually released to free later on.
  • Wednesday- “What’s Coming Wednesday,” a preview of what I’m working on, looking forward to, or considering. Again, paid in the morning, released to free later on.

And please know, I experience significant imposter syndrome over these posts. I read over what I’m working on and scheduling and feel quite inferior to many of those who I’ve come to count on as friends, peers, and mentors. That’s why a lot of my “paid” content goes free quickly, until I feel like I’m making some sort of meaningful contribution through this page it’ll likely stay that way. I do hope, however, that if you do find value in what you read you’ll consider supporting my work.

Preview for Monday’s “The Case Against CPR”

I’m absolutely, 10,000% worried I lack the qualifications to talk about this topic, but when researching civic engagement and cardiac arrest, specifically the words “Civic Duty,” I found an article in response to a series of articles in a 2017 edition of the American Journal of Bioethics that took a critical view on the push to encourage more bystander CPR. When I say critical, I mean alarmingly critical.

I felt it was important to start there, though, because assumptions can have power when it comes to motivating others to perform CPR, and critical arguments can help improve current practices. My project is as much philosophy as it is practice, so focusing on some philosophical considerations is something I definitely need to touch on.

Still, it is a challenging article to write. I’ve been out of the academic writing game since 2010, so digging up journals, trying to make a fair case, etc. requires shaking off some rust.

In the future…

I have several topics in draft status here, but I’m most excited to write on the self-determination theory and CPR, which may be a several-part series in and of itself. I also started brainstorming a look at the idea of a “Good Samaritan,” a consideration of how awareness of trauma may impact bystander action, and a run-down of the current state of civic engagement in America.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my thoughts. I’m always hoping to improve and consider new ideas, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Stay safe and I hope you’ll return next week.