"What's Coming" Wednesday

Wednesday, June 7 2023

"What's Coming" Wednesday
This book unfortunately contains the most out-of-date CPR references I have ever seen. 

Welcome to the middle of the week, everyone! I hope yours is slightly less smokey - the Canadian wildfires have been wreaking havoc on my own already allergy-impacted airway.

First, an announcement, there will be no posts from Jun 17 until the 24th, and that Monday feature may or may not be delayed. I'll be out on vacation and will be taking a true vacation - not worrying about what has or has not been sent by my mail or web server.

This coming Monday, however, I do have a new feature to share. We'll be looking at volunteerism, specifically "Where the Volunteers" are and some characteristics driving volunteerism one way or the other. I was inspired to look at this based on my trip to rural Montana, and I hope you'll be able to get some ideas on how to use the information in the feature to your advantage when recruiting volunteers for any future project.

Finally, I found out last week I'll be presenting at two conferences- a virtual PA EMS conference in September at the Citizen CPR Foundation in San Diego this December. While interacting at the virtual conference is hard, I'm excited to see some old friends at the San Diego conference later on.  Stay safe!