"What's Coming" Wednesday

Wednesday, May 31 2023

"What's Coming" Wednesday
You see this in an empty room, do you approach? 

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today is the day of my oldest daughter's Kindergarten graduation and then the start of "summer vacation" season for my daughters and wife. If you have kids, you know how incredibly exhausting the last few weeks of school can be with events and other obligations- I'm quite happy to say that after today, life gets a lot less frantic for a bit!

The next feature I'm working on begins a look at avoidance overall. No, I'm not talking about skipping out on the end of the year events, but rather the psychological basis behind avoiding stress triggers and what can be done about it.

Unfortunately, the data I desire seems to be captured in a web of disconnected, non-data sharing dispatch programs, but I've anecdotally seen an uptick in the number of cardiac arrest calls where someone is "unwilling" to perform CPR. This is only a hypothesis, but I'm wondering if it's an avoidance strategy - either avoiding the situation or their own mortality. In the words of Barbie from the new 2023 movie.


And of course, stay tuned for this week's Four Things for Friday. Stay safe and finish the week strong!