"What's Coming" Wednesday

Wednesday, May 17 2023

"What's Coming" Wednesday
A bald eagle as seen at ZooAmerica in Hersheypark

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I'll be traveling on Friday, but still scheduling my "Four Things for Friday" post for the week. I'm saying this because, if there are any sorts of technical hiccups, I won't be able to fix them until at least late Sunday night.

I'm going to be attending the Montana Emergency Cardiovascular Care Symposium, trying to get a different perspective from responders well outside my bubble.

Next Monday's feature is the last for a bit on the topic of relatability, but don't worry- I'll be returning to it eventually! I'm specifically looking at empathy, and the unfortunate state we find it in since the turn of the century.

As I've been writing this series, it's been really important to me to explore how societal factors are potentially hurting bystander response numbers. I've really been focused on the concept of relatability, empathy, neighborliness, community, etc., but it's not the only factor. These are "in-the-moment" factors, stuff that has to exist ahead of time before an emergency happens.

Where I hope to go next is to look at bystander support and trauma, shifting to things we can provide post-response to help. I plan on touching on some of what I'm trying to do at my main job, what I've seen elsewhere, as well as what I hope to do better.

Stay safe and have a great rest of your week!