"What's Coming" Wednesday

Wednesday, May 10 2023

"What's Coming" Wednesday
The PA Turnpike under construction near Carlisle in 2015

First, apologies for the hour delay on delivery for Monday's feature this week. There was some sort of technical glitch that impacted the site (I self-host) and I haven't quite tracked it down. I know the Archive page is similarly wonky at the moment, hopefully I have that fixed quickly.

The Good Samaritan

This coming Monday, I take a look at the Christian parable of the Good Samaritan, and in particular I want to look at the question I've been exploring in other posts on motivation, namely how it impacts "relatedness."

Right before I started writing, I pitched a question on my LinkedIn asking for why people think they should help a stranger in sudden cardiac arrest. The Good Samaritan/Golden Rule was cited a few times in that discussion, so I felt like it was worthwhile to mention in a featured post as well.

It's always a bit nervy to bring up religious topics when starting a new blog. While the Good Samaritan's example is held up in our secular world, I want to make mention that outside the Christian tradition other religions have their variations on the "Golden Rule." I was intrigued and found this summary, reportedly from Normal Rockwell's notes, on how the golden rule in expressed in other religions.


The commonality of the Golden Rule is quite remarkable, other variations among traditions can be found here.

The parable of the Good Samaritan is helpful to put the rule in context of an actual event, but even secular humanists and atheists will agree on holding those who help and show mercy to anyone in need in high regard.

I look forward to exploring the topic deeper with you all this coming Monday, and will be back on Friday with my "Four Things For Friday" post of things I found interesting this past week. Stay safe!