"What's Coming" Wednesday

Wednesday, April 26th 2023 - a preview of upcoming posts.

A corgi rolling in grass on a leash.
My corgi, Winston, enjoying some sunshine

Next week, after plenty of teasing, I'm finally starting into Self-Determination Theory and motivation through an examination of why some people move over for ambulances while others do not. I could have easily swapped that situation with any number of public safety-related ones, such as why some bystanders do CPR and why some call 911 while others stand around, but I felt that starting from this point made it easier to understand the concept of motivation - you'll see why on Monday!

Further Out

I'll be working a bit on motivation in the next few weeks, specifically on some of the particulars on how Self-Determination Theory can relate to CPR. Then I'll be switching it back up to some of the previously mentioned topics, such as on the Good Samaritan and on trauma awareness.

Finally, in case you missed it, Three Things for Tuesday has become Four Things for Friday. I'm trying to space out updates to keep people engaged. I also would love if you help others find this newsletter by sharing it and the sign-up link. It's really cool to see emails sent out to people, so the more subscribers the merrier!