"What's Coming" Wednesday

Wednesday, April 19, 2023- A preview of next week's posts

"What's Coming" Wednesday
A chalk drawing by my 5-year-old daughter Anastasia. Banksy has nothing on her

Thanks again for those who made the switch to my new site AND the new support I've received. It's humbling and validating; I was incredibly nervous to start posting this project publicly but I think it's helped me explore my thoughts surrounding "making more community helpers" in a more organized way.

Let's preview what's coming up on Monday

On Civic Engagement

Next week, I'm starting into the theme of what civic engagement actually is and why it matters - touching only briefly on what that means for public safety but saving a lot for later. It's also an introduction to some of the common thoughts I have on what's hampering civic engagement - namely our polarized and disconnected society. That's not to say it's all bad news, but there are some warning signs.

A brief aside- I have always been a nerd/computer geek - some of my earliest pictures as a kid were of myself working on an old Apple II computer (playing Wheel of Fortune, of course). I was taught BASIC programming when I was 8 with the hopes of making my own video game (I never did, but I did make a "Time Machine" that spit out the dates you typed in and then had a GOTO loop to bring you Back to the Future.

The reason I take that little departure is to establish my bona fides as a child of the World Wide Web generation. I am no Luddite, but I think it's going to be important to confront the role social media and the internet has had disrupting normal community structures. This can be a good and bad thing, but when traditional patterns weaken or fail (like joining civic organizations vs being in an active online community) we may need to retool how we view what we're doing to promote a safer community.

And we all know everyone in Public Safety is wild about change, right?

In the Future...

Still working on the Self Determination Theory, I believe I'll introduce that after exploring more on the negative patterns to our civic engagement. I also am working on that post exploring what we think about when we hear "Good Samaritan." I have a rough mind map for more objections to performing CPR (not from the ethical standpoint, but just real-world anecdotes) that I'm trying to shape into something with more actionable sources. Finally, I'm looking forward to writing on other public safety topics- while CPR is my main wheelhouse, other first aid topics do deserve their own treatment.

Thank you, take care, and thanks to those who have already "Bought me a Coffee," it means a lot to be supported!