“What's Coming” Wednesday

Wednesday, July 19 2023

“What's Coming” Wednesday
Picture taken by my father in July's QST, a publication from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) on Ham Radio. 

Happy midweek!

Next week is going to be the last feature for a little- I need to start putting what I have into presentation format for some upcoming conferences (the first of which is that first week of September). I know my own limits, and adding things in the middle of that may make for a messy presentation from me. I'm looking to take most of August off from features and return in September. That said, I plan on continuing “Four Things for Friday” through then, so you'll still see at least a weekly post from me here.

The reason I felt it was important to make the next post my last before the break is because I think I've come full circle. Monday, we're talking about permutations something that others have recently featured. Mike Herbert, of RQI Partners, alerted me that the podcast he was listening to was speaking about the thousands of possible combinations of responders to a sudden cardiac arrest among one department. That same question started me on my recent path to Cardiac Arrest improvement. It seems like a fitting bookend to not only look at it from an EMS perspective but broader bystander engagement, and tying it in to relatability at the end too.

Stay safe, and I'll be back with a post on Friday! Take care!