"What's Coming" Wednesday

Wednesday, July 5 2023

"What's Coming" Wednesday
If you're an American reading this with the same amount of fingers as a week ago, you won July 4th!

Good morning and happy midweek (or if today is your "Monday," welcome back to work!)

Next Monday, I'm continuing a move back into reinforcing some of the key components of Self Determination Theory and CPR training. I'll be presenting in the PA EMS Conference in a few weeks, so I'm working to polish what I have.

Specifically, I want to continue returning to the concept of competence in CPR training-how do we know when we've "got it?" Sure, we have feedback devices for training and responders may have access to these tools, but what are some ways we can enhance bystander's ability to deliver high-quality compressions or even recognize cardiac arrest in the first place.

And for those who are interested, you can register to attend one of the upcoming conferences at the links below, I hope to see you there!

PA EMS Conference (Virtual) (My presentation will run 9/6/2023 from 1530-1630 Eastern)

Citizen CPR Summit 2023 (My individual session is currently scheduled for 11/30/2023 at 11:05-11:20, I'm co-presenting on another from 10:35-11:00am, different rooms, no pressure!)