"What's Coming" Wednesday

Wednesday, June 28 2023

"What's Coming" Wednesday
A beautiful shot of just how packed our Jeep Grand Cherokee was to go on vacation last week

Good morning and happy midweek to you all! I'm slowly recovering from vacation and getting caught back up on work, but I'm excited to keep plugging along with some ideas I had while at the beach.

Next Monday, I want to take a look at drills. Drills are a pretty practical way to test and prepare for any number of sudden events, but often are poorly planned, struggle to be properly executed, and often lack meaningful follow-ups and feedback. My goal is to build a template emergency response drill for a medical emergency that anyone can use. I know this type of drill-mindset guides a lot of school-based and some corporate-based accreditation programs, so making it easier to do it right is something I have top on my mind.

Also, this Friday will be the return of "Four Things for Friday," while the news over the past two weeks certainly has been pretty full of major stories (subs, indictments, coups, etc) there are always some pretty important stories around civic engagement and sudden cardiac arrest that can get lost in the fold.

Stay safe and see you back on Friday!