"What's Coming Wednesday"

Wednesday, July 12 2023

"What's Coming Wednesday"
I used to think it was silly Panera put "confirm napkins" on a receipt, now I value their wisdom after forgetting to schedule a post. 

Thanks again to everyone for their kind words after my scheduling flub on Monday. Nothing like realizing at 10:30am that your post for the week didn't go out on time!

Now, if I don't forget again next Monday I'm planning on examining the state of emergency services, but trying to put it in the lenses of civic engagement as well. It's a bit of a departure from the CPR-heavy posts of the last few weeks. I notice that many areas where emergency services have all the resources necessary to handle all calls (staffing, equipment, funding) appears to correlate to a strong bystander response community.

However, I want to specifically examine the chicken and egg nature of that question. Are emergency services doing well because of bystanders relating to the importance of their function, or does it trickle down from the work responders are doing. And further, are there things communities can do to build the ethic that creates stronger responders that we aren't already trying?

It's likely not a question that'll be neatly summed up in a one-time treatment, but I think it's worth starting an investigation.

Stay safe and finish the week strong!