Three Things for Tuesday

Tuesday April 11th 2023

Three Things for Tuesday

Thanks for the great response to my initial launch. I got some great feedback and wisdom from others on how to build a successful substack! While I’m hoping to continue a longform post for free each Monday, I wanted to try out other ideas for eventual paid subscribers.

One idea is the “Three Things for Tuesday” post, featuring 3 stories I found from the CPR/AED/Civic Engagement/Emergency Service realm that may be of use to the audience. For now, it will go out to everyone at noon eastern for free, but paid subscribers the moment I hit send.

Stay safe out there!

1) New York Times Profiles AEDs

Gina Kolata writes about how AEDs save lives, but aren’t everywhere. It features a two-side view of whether AEDs should be individual purchases between Dr. Ben Abella and Dr. Sumeet S. Chugh as well as stories from a lot of great advocates like Mary Newman. Find it here (subscription may be required)

2) Damar Hamlin Continues Advocacy

After his prime time resuscitation, Damar Hamlin took up the challenge to be an advocate for CPR and AED education through his foundation, “The Smart Heart Sports Coalition.” In a newsworthy moment, the Buffalo Bills player met with the Carolina Panthers at their training facility for the crossover event of the offseason in order to save lives. Check out more about his efforts here.

3) Congratulations to Julie Walker of the Peyton Walker Foundation

I have the honor of working closely with this foundation on a major local CPR/AED community project, and it is absolutely worthwhile that she won our local Nexstar affiliate’s “Remarkable Women” contest. Find her profile here and the winner announcement here.