Three Things for Tuesday

Tuesday, April 18th 2023

Three Things for Tuesday
Pampering myself

Good morning! Thanks for continuing to support this little side-project. While Monday's are the featured topic, I do like to feature 3 things I found interesting in the civic/CPR realm each Tuesday.

Nonprofits Scramble for Help Amid Derth of Volunteers

Next Monday's feature will be looking at Civic Engagement from a broad overview, but these types of stories are what's really driving my interest in this project. We have a society that wants to know how to help, will help the people they know, but that is no longer able to sustain some of the nonprofit structures through which help was provided. You can find an article here.

Loneliness and Social Media

Going along with our disconnectedness theme today, this article from March examined some of the negative impacts social media has had on our connectedness and overall well being. The most interesting part I took away from it was the fact that social media helps people group via identity, but encourages "breadth, not depth" in relationships that do not improve emotional loneliness. Check it out here

The Day "Stop The Bleed" Entered Civillian Life

This is a great article from The Atlantic that looks at the Boston Marathon Bombing 10 years on. I was midway through my second semester in Paramedic training that day, I remember we were all glued to news reports as they came in. Still, this key line from the end of the article feels very affirming for my own efforts in EMS since then.

Yet the Boston Marathon’s most enduring legacy is the democratization of “stop the bleed,” which—like the Heimlich maneuver and CPR before it—gives regular people the ability to save lives with a modest amount of training. We can and should be outraged that so many civilians face the kinds of injuries—whether from IEDs or, more often, from mass shooters—that produce sudden blood loss. But being prepared for such events is better than the alternative. You don’t need a medical degree to tie a knot.

Read the full article here, and stay safe!