Four Things for Friday

Friday, July 6 2023

Four Things for Friday
I was lucky enough to take advantage of "1.776" gas from Sheetz in Pennsylvania for one of our vehicles this 4th of July

We made it, it's Friday!

Granted, I had a short week with the holiday, but Monday still feels ages ago. This coming Monday I'll have a post returning to Self determination theory for you all, but for now here are some interesting things making the rounds online. And if you're on the new Threads app, you can find me here.

Florida Doesn't Require Nurses to be CPR Certified

Now, the headline is bad enough, but the details the article presents are shocking. Over 80% not certified in a nursing home? Only treating it as a 2-year cycle when other options exist? If we don't show that healthcare treats CPR seriously, how can we ever expect the public to accept it as truth either.

How a Toliet Plunger Improved CPR

I'll caveat this as saying a lot of research can be found presenting conflicting information on the methods and devices mentioned in the article, but one thing I can attest to is this- mechanical CPR is a welcome tool when manpower is short. This article traces back the origin of mechanical CPR and some of the newer research advocating for "Neuroprotective" CPR. An aside, I once shot Dr. Pepe a simple emailed question about procedures for something he was working on at the time, and it evolved into an hour-long phone conversation and follow-up research sharing that I truly believe made our local system better. He is a committed CPR advocate and research and I really do regard that conversation as transformational in my own life.

Pool Safety Reminders

Yes, I am interviewed in this article, and I'll be dowing more on drowning prevention in our media as part of a First Aid Friday feature, but I am alarmed at some of the buzz I'm hearing this summer about drowning. Rip tides are leading to huge rescues (and fatalities) along the east and gulf coasts. Drownings do peak in the summer, and it may just be a lack of other stories creating buzz that has caused drowning stories to get more airtime, but it is an opportunity for all safety advocates to make sure bystanders are ready to use CPR in other situations, not just SCA. It's also an opportunity to stress concepts like Reach, Throw, Go and prevention of secondary drowning victims, which unfortunately has happened to at least 1 Pennsylvania rescuer.

It's a Pasta Salad Summer

Finally, I swear this isn't completely random. Pasta salad has become a recent trending viral social media post, with twists and spins chefs can put on it. But the reason it's going viral? Nostalgia.

There is without a doubt a lot of innovation happening in the pasta salad space, but another reason that both Catalano and Zukhovich cite for its popularity is one that often drives online impulses: childhood memories — either good or bad.

People freely understand they are in control of whether or not they make it, it's easy to innovate on, and it's attached to a sense of belonging both as part of the viral community and the feeling they had in their childhood.

Autonomy, competence, and relatedness.....