Four Things for Friday

Friday, June 16 2023

Four Things for Friday

Good morning, happy Friday, and happy last post for a little bit! I'm vacation bound and will be taking a mental break from everything as well. You all stay safe in the meantime!

Social Isolation is slowly killing us

One of the takeaways I found out of the pandemic was how artificial "connections" aren't a good substitute for the real thing, but this research goes back well before that. Give it a read, it's becoming clearer to me that lifesaving may depend on a service's ability to build community, not just meet best practice benchmarks.

Moral Crisis of America's Doctors

Now this NYT story may require a subscription, but it leads up with a follow up from one of my fellow Carlisle, PA residents. The corporatization of healthcare is having lasting consequences on practitioners, and it makes sense. Most of us got into the role to help people, but find ourselves "helping compliance" or financial bottom lines more often. This sort of expectation/reality mismatch has serious consequences.

17 Minute Rugby Resuscitation

I'm also beginning to believe the best frontier for bystander CPR efforts will be in sport, as high profile successful resuscitation have become well-documented over the past few years. If we can tap into these events and stress the importance of quick action, it'll be a win-win for fans, coaches, and athletes alike, especially in the non-professional sports realm.

Phenomenon of Pulseless Body Movements during Resuscitation

A lot of us who have responded to multiple resuscitation have seen this happen first-hand, but this is a research paper documenting the experience of someone without a pulse making body movements. For me, I have a patient reaching up to touch the LUCAS that was on them. Others have heard moaning, had body jerk movements, or other things they simply didn't train us on. I hope this gets documented a bit more, preparing bystanders and even responders on this type of response to high quality CPR may prevent efforts from becoming interrupted or ineffective.

Stay safe, and I'll be back in a little over a week!