Four Things for Friday

Friday, June 2 2023 (Plus a bonus article!)

Four Things for Friday
School is out for Summer in our area, and scenes like this will become more frequent!

Good morning and Happy Friday! Congrats on making it to the end of the week, and if you're in an area where schools are ending as well, welcome to Summer!

A 'natural death' may be preferable for many to enduring CPR

One of my early articles was on this idea of physicians pushing back on CPR as an ethical argument, and it appears a physician contributed to an NPR report doing just that recently. Unfortunately, this type of treatment gets spun into clickbait. The NPR report from the physician is here, but the clickbait from the New York Post ("CPR Worse than Death") can be found here. These articles are well-intentioned, but I still worry they can negatively impact highly survivable out of hospital arrest cases by demotivating bystanders.

Pursue Fulfillment over Happiness

This was an interesting one, and while not directly related to CPR and bystander response, it does fit nicely in the civic engagement realm. By pursuing passions vs. trying to find something that gives momentary happiness, we are actually tricking our brains into thinking that momentary milestones that can be taken away are what we should aim for. This becomes a problem, however, because if we're not "happy" we are failing. Instead, valuing process over result, is both more attainable and sustainable than that momentary dopamine hit. A bonus:

“Fulfillment may help a person better cope with other feelings such as disappointment, sadness, loss, and anger”

Read the whole article here.

If Civic Education Fails, The Business Community Will Suffer

When civil society starts to fragment, people withdraw into their own bubbles and their online political identity is more important than the neighbor next door. It's no secret that democratic society requires, well, society. But a missed item of this is how it impacts big business, and the business community is taking notice. However, my biggest takeaway was this closing line, which also does speak to why workplace CPR efforts seem to, well, work!

Adults are often on their best behavior in the workplace; they’re a captive audience of sorts and there’s a chance for us to get in front of them.

Find that quote, and more, here.

While I've warned about other negatives as people identify more with online political identities instead of their communities, I thought this article was a bit interesting. In Brazil, they're suffering a rash of school shootings similar to what we see in the USA. One group is directly linking this to the rise of polarization in online culture. I don't know how well it holds up to peer-review, especially since the sample size is much different than what we'd experience in the US, but it makes me wonder what other negative externalities exist as a consequence of declining civic engagement. Read about it here.

BONUS! An Updated Article on Overdoses from Sam Quinones

I had just scheduled this post when I had this article pop through. Give it a read, Sam (author of Dreamland) has really made me think about our own approach. As we keep resuscitating oxygen starved overdoses, the ability to cognitively chose rehab may be impacted. It's quite thought-provoking, give it a read here.

Thats all for this week, have a great weekend!