Four Things for Friday

Friday, May 19 2023

Four Things for Friday
My 19-month-old daughter, Eleanora, unsure about her first haircut. 

Happy Friday! If my webserver worked properly, this is hopefully being posted at 8am eastern time while I'm somewhere in the air between Harrisburg and Chicago on my way to Montana. I'm absolutely thrilled to spend some time at the Montana Emergency Cardiovascular Care Symposium and get to see how others are meeting the challenges that come with modern emergency care. If the server doesn't work, I guess you'll get this when I figure out how to successfully troubleshoot it!

Today, I'm taking a bit of a different slant in selecting the four articles to share. In honor of this week's feature on the Good Samaritan and looking forward to next week's post about declining empathy, I thought I'd share some cautionary and upsetting stories of Good Samaritan efforts gone wrong.

Mistrial declared in "Good Samaritan" killing case

Two people came up to Tiffany Kelley, a 29 year old from Huntsville, Alabama, and asked her for a ride. Tiffany, described by her sister as having a "heart of gold," obliged, and in return was stabbed in the neck as her vehicle was stolen. On just the second day of the trial of her alleged assailants, a mistrial was declared as a result of an investigator discussing possible violence assaults that one defendant was alleged to have committed against the other. While one of the participants was convicted of the robbery and given a life sentence, the other trial for the actual murder is still being tried. You can read about it here,

Walmart Shopper Victim of "Good Samaritan" Scam

While the first story had to do with a Good Samaritan being victimized for their effort, this one deals with "false" Samaritans. In Canada, a woman was told she had to use a self-checkout, pretending to act with some authority. As the senior checked out, the scammer took note of her PIN. Then, in the parking lot, the same scammer noted that the victim's tires had an issue and, while the senior was distracted, someone else working with the scammer stole her card and drained her bank account. This story is found here.

Good Samaritan Killed by Alleged hit-and-run driver

One of the most dangerous places to operate in EMS is on the side of a non-closed roadway. It is similar dangerous for these next two stories. In this one, a Good Samaritan stopped to help at the scene of an unrelated accident in California and was killed when her car was plowed into by an F-150. The F-150 driver then fled on foot. Read more about it here.

Good Samaritan's effort to help leads to deadly accident

Similarly, a Good Samaritan in Texas caused a deadly accident by inadvertently caused an 18-wheeler to crash into another vehicle and kill two occupants. The accident, which occurred in an area with poor visibility, was the result of the Good Samaritan stopping for another accident. Because of where the Samaritan parked his vehicle, a tractor-trailer making an effort to avoid it slammed into the originally involved vehicle. This article has more, but admittedly is confusing at first glance to figure out what vehicles were where.

That's all for this week, stay safe! (And if you're needed to be a Good Samaritan anywhere, remember your safety is first!