Four Things for Friday

Friday, August 11 2023

Four Things for Friday
AED and a Ham Radio, together in a picture!

Hello all and happy Friday! We had an exciting week here in Cumberland County PA with the official distribution of the first 25 Avive AEDs for our "4 Minute City" program. More will come throughout the fall, but it was inspiring to see them in the hands of engaged community responders already!

Suicide Death Rates at an All Time High

Unfortunately, I'm starting this rundown with slightly more depressing news. We have a well-defined loneliness epidemic and mental health crisis, with the situation not being addressed in meaningful ways. The data is, sadly, validating what others are pointing out- our communities are hurting and it has very real consequences for individuals as well.

Scientific Fraud More Frequent Than We Like To Think

More downer news, the incidents of scientific forgery or bad data also appears to be at a high. It worries me tremendously, because one bad study that gets a lot of press on CPR or other public health efforts may only get a fraction of attention if retracted, but may have lasting impacts on motivating others to help.

AI May Make Bioterror Easily

Continuing our good news stories, apparently ChatGPT can aid in bio-terror. As we introduce these tools, I think their governance is going to be increasingly important for reasons like this, but also in the first aid realm. Coupled with "bad data" from the prior story, there is a non-zero chance a device could hurt someone when asked to provide first aid instructions.

Man Rides Entire Amtrak Network

And now for something completely different, here's a man who accomplished something I'd like to do one day- ride the entire train network of Amtrak. Theres always been something I enjoy about a train ride, maybe it's just that I have more leg room and less TSA hassle. Still, I can't help but look at communities connected by rail (both Amtrak and then connecting services) and think their physical link may also lead to something more symbolic as well.

And never underestimate that a sizable portion of the population is really, really, really into trains.

Until next time!