Four Things for Friday

Friday, August 4 2023

Four Things for Friday
A sampling of the supplies we brought to National Night Out this week

Welcome to Friday, and welcome to August! I'm still in my main feature break, but wanted to share my usual four interesting posts for Friday with you all!

CPR Has Hit the Mainstream

This is CPR's modern moment. Between Bronny James, Damar Hamlin, Christian Eriksen, and now mainstream moments like Jessica Chastain teaching proper CPR arm techniques and rate control via “Staying Alive” to Kelly Clarkson (happens in the last 45 seconds of the video) when talking about her new movie, CPR is experiencing a moment. To paraphrase the words of a modern day philosopher-

"You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo."

We who educate, advocate, innovate, and administer...ate CPR must seize upon this opportunity while the public is noticing to make lasting improvements to the overall health, safety, and wellness of our communities- no pressure!

Dechurching and Civic Engagement

This story looks at the great “Dechurching” of America, where less are attending a church than ever before, but the roots seem to be the same struggles that we face when it comes to overall community participation anywhere. Every organization is suffering when young families energies go towards “survival mode.” The slope described in the article reminds me of the path many fire and ems agencies seem to be on with regard to volunteer or paid staff, gradually declining until they have to close.

Vision Zero

I've been on a Vision Zero kick recently, as it's the main “trauma” corollary to my medical CPR prevention/response focus. As cars get heavier and development changes road safety (unfortunately not the other way around), we're now in a period of time when it's unsafe to walk, bike, or otherwise move about a community outside a 4000lb vehicle. I'm no super-environmentalist, but by the numbers, seeing our crash volumes and serious triage categories rise makes me think there's a lot of value in reengineering our roads and re-orienting our mind towards more public transit.

How Trauma Became America's Favorite Diagnosis

This is one of those long form, make-you-think articles I like. It may require an Apple News subscription to read, but if you get a chance over the weekend, give it a look. One of my concerns has long been that “trauma avoidance” may cause others not to engage in lifesaving care, so following the root of how trauma came to be on our minds (and the amusing line of, and I paraphrase, “am I traumatized enough to be in therapy”) in the article was quite fascinating.

Stay safe and see you next Friday!