Four Things for Friday

Friday, July 28 2023

Four Things for Friday
A smokey power-pole after some recent storms, picture from far, far, far, far away as we were expecting the line to shortly fall. 

Happy Friday- we made it! A reminder, I'm taking August off from features as I prepare for some upcoming talks and conferences, but I am still keeping Four Things for Friday going.

Bronny James

The news has been dominated with the successful resuscitation of the son of Lebron James, named Bronny, who thankfully was just discharged from the hospital. While the chorus has been the same in some cases (conspiracy theories, "he'll never play again," etc.) I though this article was worthy of sharing. It talks about the frequency of sudden cardiac arrest in Black Male Athletes- give it a read!


I am a supporter of using Ketamine in EMS, especially in certain critical calls where it can facilitate intubation or help with major traumatic injuries. I am not, however, as quick to support using Ketamine as an alcohol replacement. I think the article has some great takeaways as we encounter people seeking "healthier" escapes from society (and reminds me that building strong communities can help counter the risk of addiction.)[1]

American Life Didn't Use To Be So Volatile

Full disclosure, raising two young kids (who will be 6 and 2 in just under 2 months, respectively) with my wife is frustrating in the modern day, and I'm greatly appreciative of this article for capturing how it feels. I'm also appreciative of the insight that it brings to why neighborhood and community organizations are struggling- thriving can't take place if families feel the way I do!

PA Bill to Require HOAs To Allow Clotheslines

Finally, I remain very anti-HOA, so I was excited to see a bill come out in my state legislature that starts forcing them to allow residents to do things. Granted, this is just to allow a clothesline to be hung, but maybe the right pressure can be exerted for other things, like community AEDs.

Stay safe and see you next week!

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