Four Things for Friday

Friday, July 21 2023

Four Things for Friday
Hope you have a fun slide into the weekend!

We made it! Despite heat, storms, bugs, and poor air quality, the weekend has finally arrived!

Why Do Good People Do Bad Things In The Workplace

This article got me thinking about some of the permissive behaviors we may show when internally training, evaluating, responding to, or teaching bystanders how to respond to cardiac arrest.Too much trust and permissibility can be a bad thing.

Death Valley Hiker Was Interviewed About Heat Hours Before He Died

It's my opinion that we've done a poor job educating providers about what can happen in the heat and cold. Because the body's response to heat can vary person-to-person, we often assume that if we're functioning, they must be too. Unfortunately, this past week in Death Valley saw a well-known hiker die after experiencing extreme heat and after giving an interview about it. Kudos to the bystanders who attempted to resuscitate him on scene, I can only imagine what compressions were like under those conditions.

AED Saves Student Athlete

Everything worked as you'd hope- player went down, coach immediately stepped in, players got the AED, 4 rounds and a shock later the patient was resuscitated. Excellent job! Here's hoping more players get involved in learning CPR and starting resuscitation efforts prior to coach arrival too!

Germany SPD Party Push For Mandatory Social Service

Do you build relatability forcefully? If volunteers are unwilling to engage in community work, can you mandate participation in a way that triggers the benefits of an engaged community? I'm curious if it works, but we've already seen that the youth are a prime age to reach for civic engagement (especially after learning how mandatory CPR in schools can help boost survival rates)

That's all for this week, have a great weekend!