Four Things for Friday

Friday, July 14 2023

Four Things for Friday
Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

Good morning and welcome to the end of the week! I sincerely hope, if you live in an area struggling with high heat and humidity right now, you receive some relief soon. South Central PA has been stuck in a pattern of heat/storms/heat, and I'm looking forward to the eventual weather break.

Here's a thought I'm considering as a future topic – are bystander CPR rates influenced by outside temperature? Or save rates? Or any sort of civic engagement?

SC Passes Law Expanding LODD Benefits

This particular article caught my eye for a line towards the end.

"I hope it increases volunteerism"

Now, it may sound morbid to the outside that an expanded lump sum death benefit is a major recruiting tool. Still, I applaud their efforts to try to prioritize responders, especially volunteers. I lament that efforts in Pennsylvania go the other way too often. Some of our laws only recognize volunteer EMS for benefits, when a vast majority are becoming paid services.

Viral Tik Tok Trend Fake

Here is another ongoing danger of social media, fake stories! As more people live wholly online and detached from their community, the propensity for one-source stories seem to rise. After writing about Dunning-Kruger in the most recent feature, not only did I have a flare of up my own imposter syndrome, but I came to recognize how easy it could be for someone in my position to create "fake news." I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but it was likely the result of misinformation- a textbook cause of unwarranted overconfidence.

At Philly’s largest job fair, some candidates were seeking hybrid schedules...

I don't know what the best way to work is (in office, hybrid, or remote) but I do know this- we have a present mismatch in society. One of our challenges recruiting paramedics and EMTs here is that many come seeking a "make-your-own-schedule" type arrangement, and while we try to accommodate the lack of anyone picking up a less-desirable shift is untenable for a 24/7 EMS agency.

Media Summer Apocalypse

I see a lot of potential for AI, but I also see a lot of areas for concern. AI as an assistant doesn't bother me, but when we start to talk about generative AI making things indistinguishable from real life, or the potential for misinformation feeding an algorythm, etc I become quite sympathetic to those standing up against the studios trying to use AI for everything. Civilization needs civillians- not a computer.