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The Civic Resuscitation Project

Four Things for Friday

Four Things for Friday
Carefully looking under a swing for a wasp nest

First, no, you didn't miss it! I skipped last Friday in preparation for the first day of school for my daughters. I apologize for the lack of notice. I've also been hyper focused on a wasp infestation of our backyard playground- I think I got the queen last night, but after my daughter received two stings and many other near misses, I had to declare war on the entire colony.

Bystander Defib Improves 30-Day Survival

I think bystander activation is the next rising frontier of cardiac arrest survival efforts, so seeing that the data validates what many programs are trying to do is uplifting. While there are challenges to getting a bystander to "go," there is a benefit when they do!

Americans Vote Too Much

So when we talk about civic engagement, "going to the polls" is one of the items cited by many as an act of participation in democracy. This article argues that we're asking the average citizen to make too many decisions, and there is a point where we reach such saturation that we may make uninformed decisions against our own interests simply because we are not able to process any more information. This information overload and analysis paralysis is common in public safety services, leading to a dreaded freeze. Give it a read!

AI to Manage Your Families

Yes, the first week of school (and getting a two year old to daycare by 7am) is exhausting and demanding, but getting AI involved? I'm not ready to agree to that. The article paints a rosey picture of how it'll cut down on the stress families (especially women) feel managing the household, but I'm a bit skeptical- sure Americans have to make too many decisions, but I also think that there is a huge difference between voting for sewer infrastructure assessments and managing my own family. The data privacy issues raised in the article is spot on as well.

Talk To A Stranger To Be Happy

As an amateur radio operator, I love this article! One of the surest ways to build community (and become happier) is to talk to strangers. The article explores how we humans are more likely to congregate around like individuals, and with the internet we're even less likely to encounter a diversity of viewpoints. Talking to strangers has multiple benefits, and if we can move away from our online community defining our "IRL" personality, we can potentially start rebuilding some of our disrupted community institutions!

Stay safe and see you next time!

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